Suppressing the word "likes" on posts

(Stephen) #67

I read through the topic, clicking the ellipsis to see who liked isn’t any more intuitive than having two different actions depending on whether you click on the heart or the number. The target didn’t just get smaller, when I mouse over them they’re encapsulated by a single rectangle, which suggests they’re a single target.

(Jeff Atwood) #68

Ok, your feedback has been duly noted. Please re read what I wrote above, in terms of what feedback we are looking for. If you want to keep typing the same thing over and over, feel free, I guess?

(Dave McClure) #69

FWIW, I think that since we now have the expand on ..., we could potentially do away with the separate click target for the number altogether:

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #70

Oh I missed kris proposal, I can probably implement this easily. @codinghorror do we want to do this or wait more ?

(Sam Saffron) #71

Due to brand spanking new Apple bugs I have been using meta quite a bit as anon on mobile for the past few days. @techapj can you change it so we always show ... if there is more than 0 likes (anon and otherwise), cause it has an actual action and is very easy to hit on mobile.


Hi everyone from the “Official Thimbleweed Park Forums

@eviltrout kindly invited me and other users to express here our point of view on the matter. I don’t like this change, because it’s too easy to accidentally give a like clicking on the heart to see who liked a post, and it already happened to me.

The word “like/likes” basically worked as a safe area to click on to view users without clicking on the heart.
The issue is even more notable on mobiles.

Check out also other feedback here

Thanks for your attention. Your software is great!

(Jeff Atwood) #73

Hmm I don’t agree we want to add a whole additional button to anon for this. That adds repeated noise when the whole goal is to reduce repeated noise.

(Jeff Atwood) #74

Note that you can easily undo a like by clicking or tapping on the glyph again. To see who liked a post with less risk, press the ellipsis .


Yes, I knew that. But still I found out I unintentionally liked a post, and I wasn’t able to undo a like anymore because that time has past (thirty minutes I guess).

Sometimes we just give a quick look to topics, while doing other things (and that’s good, it means the platform captivate us) and we miss the attention to scrupulously check out every thing we click on (moreover within a limited amount of time).

Being sure where you click is important. The opposite is simply frustrating for me. Above all because before there already was an effective way to do the same thing.
I know this would seem a little silly. I mean: you gave a wrong like? Who cares… in the end it’s just a like. But… this is a unique feature of Discourse. I’ve been in other forums before and this feature really helps in enhancing the capability of expressing emotions through a device.
As for the ellipsis, I’m sorry, I checked also the keyboard shortcut map on the other forum, but still I didn’t get what to do, I’m not a computer genius and it doesn’t seem easy to me.
Please don’t take my words as a negative criticism, I’m just trying to give an honest feedback. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #76

Just press the ellipsis button under the post.


:slight_smile: But this works only for one of my posts. What about posts from other people? After all, the issue with an unintentional like is only there.

(Jeff Atwood) #78

It works the same on all posts, it will expand the likers. Assuming there is at least one like on the post of course.


Is it normal that I can’t display it? I’m currently using Opera. Here’s a screenshot of your post with one like.

(Jeff Atwood) #80

I guess it is because you are temporarily trust level zero and don’t yet have the flag action. You’ll need to read a bit more here to obtain trust level 1 (and read outside this topic).

(Sam Saffron) #82

The problem with anon though is both that they have no voice and that clicking on heart now triggers “login” modal, which I can not use cause I can no longer paste in my password in Safari View Controller, but I digress. So, from my usage if there is 1 heart on mobile it is probably around 50/50 that I will expand the login dialog which is mega annoying.

(Jeff Atwood) #83

Is it really common for anons to say “gee I just gotta know who of these people on this forum I never signed up for, liked this particular post?” I am thinking … no. Plus we don’t generally prioritize (super rarely used) anon conveniences over basic goals like keeping the screen free of clutter.

(Jeff Wong) #84

Is there a reason for the light/dark switch for the hover state? Seems like we’d want the like color to be the primary, regardless of if it’s light or dark.

All the other hover icons on that row glow primary regardless of theme, so the like number hover looks weird in comparison:


This gets it back in line:

(HopscotchRemixer) #85

I find it weird now how the like counter is shown as gray (as in you could like it) but you can’t like if it is your post. The fact that it looks like you can like a post of yours but you actually can’t is weird, especially considering you click on it normally to like a post of someone else’s. I just recommend removing the eart if it is your own post.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #86

@HopscotchRemixer moved your post here. Please see existing discussion above.

(HopscotchRemixer) #87

Ok thank you…I just find the layout weird, because it looks like an unlocked post normally