Suppressing the word "likes" on posts

(Vinoth Kannan) #108

If they/anyone used CSS hack to change :heart: icon to :+1: then they have to change the CSS like below

// Replace heart with thumbs-up
.fa-heart:before {
  content: "\f164" !important;

// Replace heart-o with thumbs-o-up
.fa-heart-o:before {
  content: "\f087" !important;

Issue: Replacing the heart icon with a thumbs-up icon for likes
(Michael Friedrich) #109

Upgraded to 2.0.0beta7 today, and I have to admit, the current design is pretty slick. One can click the number to see who liked it, and the visuals with the empty and filled heart highlight the own action in a great way. I very much like how you’ve turned feedback here into a small and effective change :slight_smile:

(Kris) #114

I pushed an update for the mobile post buttons that should make the like count a bit easier to tap. This also puts a little more space between the post buttons in general (when space is available)


(Richard Cook) #117

Did this happen already? We’ve just noticed it in our Community and couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere else.


The ‘new’ page also still references the old indicator.

(Stephen) #118

I believe so, but I don’t think any of the trust-level related requests for on-boarding happened.

(HopscotchRemixer) #119

I like the new graphic for the like buttons, depending on if you can like it or not

(Jeff Atwood) #120