Surveys Plugin documentation?

I installed the Surveys plugin from the Discourse repo ( discourse/discourse-surveys ( but can’t figure out how to actually use it. There also doesn’t appear to be any documentation for it here on Meta.

Any tips?


@techAPJ can you shed some light on this plugin please :slight_smile:


The Surveys plugin was written for a customer with their specific use case in mind. I do not have a documentation handy. Will try to write one next week.

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@techAPJ Thanks! Could you at least point out how I can even use it? Is there a particular button, menu, markdown code, etc… that allows you to use it? I can’t find anything to even tinker with.

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Here’s a basic survey markdown with all available fields:

[survey name="awesome-survey-thumbs" title="Awesome Survey"]

[radio question="Choose any one option:"]
- cat
- dog

[checkbox question="Choose multiple options:"]
- red
- blue
- green

[dropdown question="Gender:"]
- Male
- Female

[number question="Rate this survey from 1 to 10:"]

[textarea question="What is your feedback about xyz?" required="false"]

[star question="How would you rate overall experience?"]

[thumbs question="Were you satisfied with our services?"]


Thanks! Very cool!

Where can I see the results? The survey creator (an admin user) only sees the following after submission by a couple users.

It would also be useful if survey responders could see the results as well.

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Currently there is no interface to view survey results. I did write some data explorer queries to view survey results. I’ll dig those up and post them along with documentation sometime next week.

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ah ok. Thanks. I look forward to seeing the docs! Moreover, if you’re ever able to create some sort of front-end display/interface, that would be fantastic! Until then, I suspect I and most people will have to stick to Polls


You can also use the Custom Wizard plugin for surveys plus more.


Woah, i had no idea that existed. That looks very cool. Its not clear to me how this would provide survey capabilities, but I could definitely make use of it for other things.

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You simply use it to ask questions, with most HTML survey stuff supported. The data is collected nicely as a .csv that you can then mess with as much as you like. You can force it upon users (if you wish) or target it nicely.

There is quite a learning curve though.

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Thanks very much. I’ll put it on the backburner for now, but good to know it exists!

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