Suspended accounts in member lists

Is it possible to have the ~/admin/users/list/active page show only the actually active accounts? At this point it also includes suspended accounts.

By the same token I’d much prefer if suspended users didn’t appear in the user list for members, ~/u.



Wouldn’t they age out rapidly as they can’t be active any more?

How long are the users suspended for? Would delete be more appropriate in this case?

Do they ever? I’ve got people who haven’t logged in in over a year and they’re still shown as active. Is there a setting for that?

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Yes, type in active in the settings search and you will find it.

It’s very important to inactivate people as sending them email is a reputation risk.

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Couldn’t agree more!

But the settings indicate that an inactive account is only a trust-level 0 account with no posts.

other than that, the word ‘active’ (or inactive) only brings up these five settings:

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I am specifically referring to this page

Since it is sorted by last activity, the only way a suspended account could stay in that list forever is if a) the user list is very small on the order of 20 people or b) users visit the site extremely rarely, say once every month.

that would explain it then, because both apply: we’re a small group (the people in my forum all know each other ‘almost personally’) and we’ve been connecting elsewhere while I restructured the forum.

i’m getting ready to bring them back in, but i’ve suspended a number of accounts until things are back in flow, and the following, which anyone will see when they click a user name will rather rub that in:


i’m aware that they will see that likewise when they click a user name in a topic, but typically when they want to message someone, they will find that name in the /~u user page and so it would have made more sense (for me) if the suspended accounts simply didn’t appear.

having said that, i appreciate that the majority of forums won’t be such a sensitive and intimate bunch as my lot, and that the present display works for larger numbers.

and so perhaps my opening question should have been:
Is it very necessary that the “this user is suspended until X” should appear on their profile?

i can obviously see its use ‘in a general way’, but i could really do without it.

either way, thanks for your time!


This might not fully answer your question but could you not edit this?


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Brilliant! Thank you!

It requires some value (but a ‘dot’ will do) and it still shows the 41, but i can work my way around that!



No worries at all! Happy to help you out

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