Suspension of user triggers trust promotion and congratulatory PM and email at the same time

When I suspend a user, his trust level is often upgraded at the same time and a congratulatory PM and email are sent as well. This is undesirable and also confusing for the recipient. A suspension should not trigger anything other than the suspension notification.

Email log:

Mailgun log:

That’s an interesting one. What trust level were they when they were suspended? (TL3?)

TL1 at time of suspension, but TL2 after it.

The ‘membership expired’ may be relevant. Do you have a trust level granted for being a member of a group connected with that?

(I should say that I’ve tried to repro by suspending a TL1 user, but no trust level bump occurred)

Addition or removal from a group does not have an associated TL change. The “membership expired” is just the custom message that’s sent to the user on suspension.

Like this:

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I was thinking it could be a group membership set up where they got allocated a TL1 which was group_locked, and the suspension/removal from the group then triggered an unlock and recalculation of their TL (which they were naturally a TL2).

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I like the way you think, but that’s not it. The default TL is 0, and group membership doesn’t modify it.

Here are my TL overrides:

And this particular user’s activity: