Suspicious link by Gmail

Some of the users complained that they get Suspicious link warning in Gmail when they click links to our forum. I have also noticed, that even link in upgrade notice is considered as suspicious.

Any idea how to fix that?

Some e-mail services uses tracking link which causes this problem. In fact, once I received search console warning also due to similar issue.

I would suggest use reliable e-mail services. In my personal experience, I have found these two very good.

  • Mailgun

I don’t recommend

  • E*******

I hope this helps.

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I am actually using MailGun and I do not see any tracking links in those emails. Strange?

All else being equal I would hazard a guess this is an overreaching warning implemented by gmail.

Are these users using addresses or gsuite? This information may apply:

You aren’t viewing the source, some mail providers rewrite all links in emails to go through their private link tracker. This is not related to Discourse in any way cc @supermathie

I can confirm this is 1000% related to gmail.

I have evidence for it as well…

A few days ago, I was testing email delivery. While most people’s gmail received the test mail in the updates section of gmail,

Some of those were sent to spam with suspicious email warning highlighted on the top of it saying “emails like this are used for phishing attacks, proceed with caution”

It was the same discourse, same email (mailgun) and same mail (test email from admin) and still gmail manages to handle them differently from user to user basis. I don’t find any pattern either because there were mixed results for either registered or unregistered users.


We have the same issue on Mailjet - they suspect it may have something to do with the HTML format but they’re still looking in to it. I’ll follow up here when I have more information.


It looks like this is a global issue! In one of our customers also seen one of our link suspicious.


It seems it would be an aggressive filter, but do you think it might be because of a “your site” <from> with a meta discourse link in the body?

I’m not familiar with gmail accounts, but if the above is the reason might there be a setting (eg. whitelist?) that would help?