Switching themes not actually changing colors

Hello (again)!

Today I’ve bee getting some reports that users have switched discourse themes and are unable to switch back to a different one.

I tried to replicate this error and I’m seeing that users are able to switch themes, but doing so does not actually change the appropriate colors. For example, I’m using our forum’s night mode which looks like this:

but when I attempt to change to another theme, only the color of the text in the header changes:

I’m not sure what could be causing this behavior. I suspected it could be caused by the Discourse Dark Theme component that we use for light and dark mode, but disabling it has not fixed the issue. Any suggestions?


Are you on the very latest version of Discourse? If not, I suggest updating. There have been recent changes w/r/t theming and automatic dark/light modes.


This seems to have fixed the issue. Another admin had said that we were up-to-date but it turns out that was not the case, and the issue has disappeared upon updating.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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