Sync Bookmark Reminders with your favorite Calendar app

We recently merged an experimental feature that goes in hand with the new Improved Bookmarks with Reminders.

With it, you can sync your Bookmark Reminders to your calendar application, having it poll for new reminders and be kept up always up to date.

Here is how it looks:

Google Calendar

Gnome Calendar

MacOS Calendar


After enabling the new bookmarks, you can point your calendar to

As of now, this feature requires an Admin generated API Key, so the full URL is:

This is an #experimental feature for now. I want to get it compatible in User API Keys someday.


But it can’t work anymore because the API key has to be in the header? And that seems like a hard problem to solve.

We have a bypass for RSS and ICS feeds. Those still can be used as URL params.


Well of course you do. That’s easier than I thought!

My problem was that in my curl test I forgot to " the URL and the shell truncated it because of &. Ooops.

I confirm that it works with a user api key (not a global one), and am happy that this will be deleted in 30 days. :wink:

Thanks for your patience!


That is a “API Key” that is restricted to a single user, and not a “User API Key”, just so we don’t make stuff more confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

We plan on making “User API Keys” be usable for this per User API keys specification