Bookmark behavior changed along with UI?

The bookmarks UI changed recently in a mostly good way.

And… it seems that the behavior silently(!!!) changed as well.

Previously, if I set a reminder on a bookmark, the bookmark was cleaned out after the notification (per an Easter egg setting).

Now… that doesn’t seem to be the case? I noticed the other day that reminder bookmarks I’ve set since the UI change are still in my bookmark list, even though I’ve already gotten the notifications.

Y’all keep moving my features out from under me. :frowning:


In the menu where you can choose a custom time for the reminder, you can also configure what happens after you are notified.

Like the option to add notes to the bookmark, this is now more difficult to discover because the dropdown only refers to reminders.

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This was already set for me:

So apparently it’s only honored if I ignore the super-tempting quick-choice dropdown from the button and go to Custom.

So we’ve added a step (choose ‘Custom’ in the dropdown) to get the same functionality.

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You can also set your default behavior in your User → Interface settings

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Thanks for the followup @keegan

2 things

First, I guess we can mark this one completed:

Second, it was already set that way when I got to the page:


I set some tests Friday. Bookmark alerts seem a bit resistant to being marked ‘read’, but once they finally give in, they do disappear from the list as they should.

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