Synch topic across forums

Maybe this is just hopeful dreaming, but wouldn’t it be cool if two communities that both have a discourse forum could have a shared topic that is automatically synced between both forums so they can discuss a collaboration effort or similar together without everybody having to create an account to the other forum?


Oh @eviltrout and I have talked about this a few times over the past 5 years, I really like the idea, but it is pretty complex to get right, would have to be a plugin.

A lot of the mechanics are already in place. Staged users, web hooks. So this is now far more straightforward than it ever was.


Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:
So does that mean there is a realistic chance that this will be a core-plugin within the next… well less than another 5 years, or does that mean I’d have to ask someone in the #marketplace to develop this plugin and pay them?

If you want it within any kind of predictable time frame then #marketplace is definitely the place to go. That said, doing this in a non-hacky, future-proof way would easily cost in the tens of thousands.


And if you can’t set up a trust relationship between the two forums, you end up with Remote Attestation problems (not a solvable problem, despite what Intel’s marketing department is saying)…

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Ok, that rules that out. I think I’ll rather be patient. :slight_smile: