Synchronize scrolling between editor preview

Scrolling not sync between Editor and Preview not working well when using lot of formated text like code, links etc.

  1. Write a lot of text mixed in with code block samples, links etc now and then
  2. After a while, you will find that where you are typing in the editor is not in view in the preview.

I have been experiencing cases where preview does not sync its scroll position to where the editor view is. It seems to act up when I use several formatted text, links mixed with regular text and markdown.

I expect the preview to always show where you are typing in the editor.

FEATURE REQUEST: editor shall sync with preview (on demand) as the reading of the preview is more much convenient.

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Syncing is a best effort kind of thing, it is never going to be exactly perfect.

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fair enough but it could help if I e.g. double click on the text on the preview window, editor is focused on the same text.


@codinghorror could


Not implemented yet, not on a specific roadmap

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any chance to get it on a roadmap?

Sure, just sign up for an enterprise hosting plan at – we regularly prioritize enterprise customer work.

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we are non-profit, so enterprise hosting option is properly far beyond our current budget.
We are glad that at least we were granted the same chat app under non-profit licences model you are using.

What about nextcloud, home-assistant, fairphone, are any of those enterprise customer?
I publish complex post over there frequently, so I could make a suggestion over there.