Preview scrolls to the bottom after editing a post

I encountered a bug on, where I was editing a post that I created. I wanted to add something in the middle of the post, but every time I typed a letter, the preview would scroll one line to the bottom. This made it difficult to see what I was writing, as the preview showed something below that.

I have attached a screen recording of the problem here Screencast_20230925_151230. I am using Firefox 117 on Windows 10.

EDIT: I tried it and it seems to be only happening in the fedora instance

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Hi Wladimir!

Did you come across this issue on other posts? Does it happen in safe mode?
Are you able to reproduce it here on or

Just tried it, only happening in the fedora instance

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Hmmm. I haven’t encountered this, or seen other reports of anything similar…

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