Syncing Production to Staging

Given we have different settings on a staging site, mainly

  1. Url is different
  2. Auth0 settings are different and
  3. Email is disabled
    what would be a good way to get the latest data from a production discourse site into a staging site.

I’m thinking.

  1. Export settings via console.
  2. backup production database to s3
  3. restore staging from s3
  4. restore settings via console.
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That sounds like a good approach. We have a couple of rake tasks to help with exporting/importing site settings:

rake site_settings:export


rake site_settings:import

I’ve also got a ruby app that will upload settings

The auth0 config might be as simple as allowing the new site to the auth0 config.

If you don’t configure email, it doesn’t matter if you disable it.


This has been failing for me… it says Don't know how to build task 'site_settings:export'

I realize this is very late but for future reference, you need to set up the rake tasks linked in the post you are replying to before they will be available via rake.