System bot removing calendar posts - how to debug

I recently set up a discourse instance for testing by following the docker tutorial. Yesterday I updated it to latest beta 2.4.0.beta8 (68124caae2) and installed the latest versions of three official plugins (discourse-calendar, discourse-checklist, discourse-solved).

I played around with the calendar plugin, opened a new topic, included the calendar in my first post, all good. When I add a reply for adding events to the calendar however the system bot automatically deletes them after a very short period of time. When I restore the post, it gets deleted again.

The deletion events are recorded in the logs, but there’s no trace what triggered them. I am a bit clueless why this happens, and how to start debugging this.

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Were you adding events dated in the past? If so this behavior is expected. The system bot isn’t removing posts, the calendar plugin is removing expired events so that the topic length remains manageable.

The site setting delete_expired_event_posts_after will override it, set it to -1.

In the future please post plugin-specific support requests in their respective topics, this was already answered in the topic for Discourse Calendar:


Thanks for the super quick answer Stephen. This was indeed the problem. I somehow didn’t make the connection that this is a deliberate feature of the calendar plugin, but it makes sense now. :+1:

If technically possible it may be helpful if the logs could mention that the deletion event is due to an automatic cleanup procedure triggered by the calendar plugin.

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