Past events keep getting deleted

I’m not sure if this potential bug has been reported yet, but our events keep disappearing from the calendar after the events have concluded.

This happens despite us using the setting -1 for “delete expired event posts after” in the plugin settings.

Is this an error on our end or is the setting not working as intended?

That particular setting is specific to the topic calendars rather than the Event feature. When you say they’re disappearing, do you mean from the /upcoming-events calendar?

Correct: CNTO Forum

The only event shown is the upcoming event planned for next Tuesday, all past events are not visible.

Is there a different event calendar which would show them all and we just overlooked it?

For the Events part of the plugin (which are included on the /upcoming-events calendar) past ones only stay visible if they don’t have an end date. It has been mentioned before that’d be good if there was an option to display them still (Display old Events on the 'Upcoming Events' page), but currently it’s not possible.

And just for the extra info, the setting delete expired event posts after controls how long old calendar item posts are kept for on the topic calendars (you can see an example of one of those here - Category Calendar demo topic - calendar - Discourse Demo)

The settings specific for Events are on the second tab:

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