"System downloaded local copies of images" triggers E-mail sends

A user informed me she received a notification today from a post from December 11, 2014. When I view the post, it has one edit, today, which indicates system downloaded local copies of images.

Is this image-downloading process something that’s happening across the site, and if so how do I turn off the E-mail notifications until it is complete? How will I know when it’s complete?


There is a site setting called disable edit notifications which will disable edit notifications by the system user when ‘download_remote_images_to_local’ is active.


Thanks for the quick reply, @vinothkannans,

Unfortunately, the disable edit notifications setting is already enabled. (The box is checked.)

I think this is a different bug. I have seen some cases where edits to old posts will generate notifications in some cases (based on the original post contents having name mentions etc), but I don’t think we have a clear repro.

The latest version of Discourse does increment the post version which means all posts are (very slowly) getting rebaked per @sam.


If I’m understanding post version incrementing and rebaking, we have a lot of old, imported posts that probably would be susceptible.

If I want to consider disabling all E-mails during this process, how would I know when it is complete?

Hmm but edits should never trigger email notifications, can you pm me the name of the user that got an email


OK so I think I have a repro (need to confirm but this is the gist of it), it is a bit late on a Friday to think of a fix, but we can look next week.

  1. Disable download remote images

  2. Create a post with the body:

Hi @bob.bob11


  1. Register an account for bob.bob11

  2. Enable download remote images

  3. Rebake the post

What happens is this download triggers and edit, which in turn triggers a scan for mentions, then we figure out we never notified on the mention and go for it.

Its very very subtle and only affects a small number of posts… unfortunately for your import there are a lot of PMs with images and mentions that makes this problem particularly painful.

We need to fix it so the edit is flagged as “special” and bypasses some of the pipeline.

I think simplest workaround for now is just to untick the “download remote images” option and we can then do another rebake later when we fix the root issue.

Going to add this to @zogstrip’s list so he can have a look next week since he spend a fair amount of time in the edit pipeline.


Awesome repro FYI this bug has been around for years.


This is now fixed :tada: