System-edit: Automatically removed quote of whole previous post


We’re running a Discourse forum, which has been migrated from Vanilla Forum. It all went OK, except for a few things (Missing PM’s and a few other things). The migration found place at august 2017.

However, after the latest update, the system started to edit posts, with the following reason:
Automatically removed quote of whole previous post.

I simply cant find a good explination of, why this happens?

My thoughts is that it’s due to the quote-format from Vanilla, which isn’t supported in Discourse, which make the system a bit confused.

Our forum is almost useless at the moment, due to all the edit-posts showing up in the “Recent”-overview.

Discourse Version v2.2.0.beta5 +137.

Please help us out :slight_smile:

Best Regards

The system now removes the quotes from direct replies when they quote the whole previous post. It shouldn’t touch old posts unless they are rebaked.

And this new feature was improved about 3 hours ago. Can you update again and give it a try?

We added a site setting


which lets you disable that feature if you don’t like it. Also, the edits by system shouldn’t bump the topic to the top of the Latest topic list anymore.