System flags topic as spam multiple times

On the Atom forum, this topic (and its reply) was flagged as spam. I responded to the flags as Disagree and Unhide and a little while later the system flagged the same posts for spam again.

Thought you might want to take a look.

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We ran into an issue with this about a year ago, and never really got to the bottom of it. (Our discussions on it are in a private category, so I can’t link here.)

The problem seemed to arise when a new member posted multiple links to the same domain in the same thread - something which is not uncommon when people are asking for help with coding issues and linking to relevant examples. Disagreeing with the flag worked until next time they posted a link, then the original flag was raised again. In one case, a post was reflagged when the member’s only response had been “OK” - no link, no nothing.

Eventually we dealt with it by increasing the number of times a member can link to the same domain in the Admin settings, and (a couple of times, in sheer desperation) manually promoting affected members to TL1.

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Ah, that’s not a bad idea when the linking is done in good faith. Thanks!

Sure @techapj can you take a look at this?

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I can repro this issue. Working on a fix now.


Fixed via: