System message: "Problems have been found"

I received this message from the system with the subject: “Problems have been found”

The body of the message is as follows:
"Some problems are being reported on your admin dashboard.

Please review and fix them."

The second line of the message links to the dashboard, I click on that and don’t see any immediate issues. What could it be talking about? There are no active flags… There is an old flag, but we dealt with it. We did recently move from our own VPS to official hosting. Could it just be the system catching up on alerting me of the old flag?

Click on the Dashboard
There should be a section on it that looks like so

The items listed on there are the things it wants you to correct.


There isn’t, unfortunately.

Oh for hosting this is probably a bug @sam @tgxworld

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I’ll have a look. :eyes:


Fixed in