Odd email notice

I got an email notice to this message this morning:

However, when I click the link Wyze Community, I get " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.".

I’m admin, so nothing should be private. Also, we don’t have site set to review posts from new users (with the exception of posts from anyone in only one category).

I don’t see anything in the logs somebody else handled a queued new user post.

Is there an explanation? I’m kinda stumped. Thanks.

My guess is that you need to click that link after you have logged in to the forum.

Nope, that’s not it. I was logged in already. And the “Oops” page showed me as logged in with my avatar displayed upper right, etc.

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The link is trying to take me to forums.wyzecam.com/queued-posts. However, the hamburger-menu “Needs Review” link takes me to forums.wyzecam.com/review.

Is it possible that the @system generated message has the URL wrong?

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Perhaps @eviltrout can advise?

I believe this was fixed already. Has it been a while since you updated your Discourse?


Working with @Loki here. Shouldn’t this update be pushed? We’ve never “updated” our Discourse expect for custom themes/templates.

You’re on 2.3.0 beta 9, which is very recent:

Two questions:

  1. If that’s the latest version, then based on above comments, shouldn’t that link to the Needs Review page be fixed already?

  2. Where do we see in our Admin interface what version of Discourse we’re running? Maybe a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


There have been 57 commits since your last update

Updates don’t retroactively correct old PMs, are new PMs arriving with the same broken link?

The last one I see is two days old:


We are still getting notifications with the wrong link to the Needs Review page:


It appears this is still unresolved - we are investigating.

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