Admin Flags page is a 404

On one Discourse site I helped setup the links for admins that appear in the drop down menu below the users icon with text such as “@ system 6 flags waiting to be handled” takes you to a message page containing text like this:

@username Flags were submitted over 48 hours ago. Please review them .

Where the “Please review them” link point to /admin/flags, but this is a 404.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?

Possibly related to @eviltrout’s work.


Thanks for letting me know. Some old PMs have the old review link, so I’ve added backwards compatibility for that case:


I am experiencing the same issue. I crafted a message with a bit more information and screenshots. Is this just something like a bug is is something else?

Here is what I was going to post:
Hi guys!

I have an interesting situation coming up recently and I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same or know what can I do to fix this.

I noticed that starting yesterday we started to have a large number of flag notifications coming our way, but when I open the flag it says that it does not exist or is set to private.

When I go the admin panel in moderation to see what flags are there it is just empty please see this:

If I click on the notifications it gives me a link to review the notifications

When I click on it to review I keep getting a message that says “Oops that page doesn’t exist or is private”

I am the admin and I can not see anything. Any ideas or suggestions to find out what is going on?

@eviltrout Will this be fixed on next update? Also, how do we add the GitHub Fix to current Discourse install?

Thanks so much for your help!

By the way I love Discourse you guys have done an AMAZING job with this! I want to say THANK YOU for creating this!


If you are using the tests-passed version of Discourse you should be able to update to it right away. Otherwise it’ll be in the next beta which should not take very long.


Awesome! Thanks so much for your help.

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