Tab completion in composer broken for Firefox v124.0.1 and Discourse v3.2.1

When mentioning channels or people or groups in the Discourse v3.2.1 composer using Firefox 124.0.1 (64-bit) on Ubuntu Jammy, auto-complete suggestions pop-up as expected, but there is no way to accept a suggestion by keyboard (normally I press the TAB key); I have to click with the mouse. It works properly using Brave v1.64.109 (Chromium: 123.0.6312.58, Official Build, 64-bit) on the same system. Is this some peculiarity of my browser or can others reproduce the behavior?

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I’m unable to reproduce this on Firefox 124.0.1 on Windows 11.

My coworker tested this on the same Discourse site using Firefox on Ubuntu Jammy, and she did not experience this bug. Her Firefox version is 122.0.0.

I’m experiencing this too in Firefox 124.0.1/Linux. In addition, I’m not able to navigate the autocomplete dropdown using keyboard either.

The recent update to Firefox 125.0.2 seems to have fixed the bug, although I don’t see a mention of this in the release notes :person_shrugging:

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