[Tab] should work after "edit title" or using hotkeys

(Jan P.) #1

When you use the “edit title and category of this topic” button next to the title or e on the first post, Tab doesn’t do what I expect/hope it to do: Jump to the first input field there, then to the second and so on. Seems the focus stays on where you were before.

Keyboard shortcut to start editing topic titles and categories
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure can we improve this by explicitly setting focus @tgxworld? There is no mobile risk at all.

(Alan Tan) #4

Re-categorized this to the #bug category.

Fixed in

Another bug I found which was quite bad is that opening a composer was sending 3 duplicated requests to the server. This has been fixed in

I can’t reproduce this. Tabbing works fine for me.

@Sujan Thanks for reporting!

(Jan P.) #6

You are right, no idea what I saw back then. Problem (that you already fixed) is only present after usage of keyboard shotcuts.

(Alan Tan) #9