The DiscoTOC disappear in some users' view

The TOC disappears yesterday*, but it works fine on iPhone.
(* Works fine before yesterday)

I thought it’s due to the Chrome extensions, so I remove some for testing. However, it doesn’t solve the problem.

So I do more testing with different account on a same computer. Here comes the result.

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks for help in advance.

User 1 User 2
1. TOC in post X O
2. TOC in post with incognito mode X O
3. TOC in Composer X X
4. TOC in mobile O O

User 1:

User 2:

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Update info. after 10 hours.

Now the user 2 behave the same as user 1(desktop failed, iPhone works fine).

I will rebuild to see if this way solve the problem then.

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Things look pretty broken at this moment


Update: All works fine after rebuild app.

Thanks for @RGJ great input!


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