Tag Banners

Thanks for your patience everyone! I’ve fixed the issue with hyphen removal, and also added the option to remove underscores.


Thanks for fixing the plugin @awesomerobot, and including the option to remove underscores :tada: I just tested a commit in my fork to capitalize tags, it works with formattedTagName. Although I’m not sure how this would work with formattedAdditionalTagNames. But in any case I already notice an issue. Some tags are acronyms, such as PDF. Just capitalizing the first letter doesn’t look right. Of course a list of tags could be inserted to include words like PDF and others and then treat those differently and do toUpperCase() them fully. But for instances that allow community members to create tags, that becomes difficult to keep consistent. So I guess I’ll just leave tags as they are, lowercase. Unless there are smarter solutions?

Is it possible to have this banner displayed on each topic tagged with any tag?

How one can modify it to enable this feature?

Working on a setup where I want to adjust the top padding of the main-outlet and saw there’s this declaration on the component:

.tag-banner #main-outlet {
  padding-top: 1.5em;

The component adds that class tag-banner to the body when navigating to a page with tag banners. But the class actually doesn’t get removed when navigating away. So the padding-top declaration stays in effect on all other pages.

I guess it’s a bug that the class doesn’t get removed. But I also wonder if it’s possible to drop the adjustment of the main-outlet and rather adjust spacing on some component element?