Tag Breadcrumb doesn't respect subfolder path

(cpradio) #1

Repro Steps:

  1. Subfolder Install
  2. Visit Tags page
  3. Click on any Tag
  4. Click on the tag name again in the Breadcrumb/Title

You stay on the same page

You are redirected to the example.com/tags/tagname (note the lack of subfolder)

(Neil Lalonde) #3

I can’t reproduce this in a dev env or a production site like Sitepoint. You mean clicking one of the tag names here?

(cpradio) #4

Ah, sorry, let me make this more clear, wrong Tag page.

Click on Tags from the Hamburger Menu, then click on a Tag

URL should be similar to Topics tagged docker

Click on the tag name

It seems to be related to it providing a relative URL

Same page/URL at SP

(Neil Lalonde) #5

Aha, I didn’t even know that was a link! I pushed a fix.

(Neil Lalonde) #6