Tag group fails to be retrieved when editing a category

Latest Discourse version (upgraded minute ago)

I have plugins/theme/components, but this has been tested in safe-mode.
I can’t find a way to reproduce. It (still) happens in this discourse installation, but in another, it works fine.
In this Discourse, there is only one tag group and issue happens in all category edition.


I starting writing up the same report 2 hours ago but got distracted and you beat me to it. I can add one thing. I had an old test forum at version 2.4.0.beta9, and tag groups worked. Then I upgraded to 2.4.0.beta11, and it fails as described above. I have no plugins installed on that instance. So I believe the breakage is after 2.4.0.beta9.



thanks for report.

This will be fixed in:


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