Tag Icons working with tag groups

Wow, this is awesome!

Can this be expanded to work with tag groups? (All tags within a specific tag group would get a specific icon)


At this time, no, it can’t work with tag groups because the component doesn’t have access to the makeup of tag groups.

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Okay. We have a large number of tags (over 200) but will only require 3 or 4 different icons.

Is there a way we could assign one icon for multiple tags, without having a separate row for each tag?

Let me know if this makes sense


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No, there is no way of doing that right now.

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Great plugin!

I agree with @fellowshipforums that being able to specify tag groups would be really nice. So you could have a tag group for cars, another for bikes, another for boats, etc, then each from those would get their respective icons. Otherwise we would have to manually set up potentially hundreds of tag icons manually…


The tag groups feature is a nice-to-have for sure, it is a bit tricky and currently I don’t have the time to work on it.


I just installed this lovely plugin and came here to add just this bit of feedback. :wink:

I can see it being tricky to implement though, not even knowing the technical issues. For example, I have tag groups for years, people, places etc that all sensibly could be given the same icon and color, but then also have other specific tags that will want their own specific icon and color.