Tag list do not appear when creating Topics

  • The introduction category has over 100 tags , only 3 appear in the drop-down , moreover i am also unable to search for tags .
  • The tag settings for category Operational issues and introduction are the same . Refer image above

You’re probably trying to use category restricted tags in another category. This is the intended behavior as suggested by the error message.



  • In category introduction from all the tags assigned to the category
    • Some users have access to all the tags and some user s donot have access
  • Crosschecked with multiple users that a variation exists between different users in the same category .
  • If any T/s data is required in diagnosing above fault please advise , Will provide the same .

  • GIF in topic was used Since Both categories have same category of tags available same is shown as example, to elaborate the discrepancy