Categories listed on tag page


(Alex Armstrong) #1

For reasons I don’t understand, on the tags overview page are listed some categories. As far as I can tell these are the categories that not everyone has access to, but which the particular user has access to.

Why? (Is it a #bug or feature?)


Another example

(Steve Combs) #2

I noticed categories showing up on the Tag page also, even though I never set them.

You just need to go to each Category then Edit/Tags and manually remove the tags.

(Alex Armstrong) #3

Interesting. This is looking more like a #bug.

I never set these (and I’m the only admin) and there is no reason I can fathom that they would’ve been picked out. This is a new category that has a single post without any tags.

(Alex Armstrong) #4

I tried to remove the above tags, save and then this happened:

(Neil Lalonde) #5

Have you updated recently? There was a bug where those fields were showing top tags instead of tags associated with the category.

(Alex Armstrong) #6

Just upgraded, which fixed the category settings bug. The original bug still stands. Any info I can provide to help?

(Neil Lalonde) #7

Aha, the tags index is only showing tags that have been used at least once. We now allow creation of tags before using them. I just pushed a fix.

Also, the category input field was limiting how many tags you can enter. I fixed that too.

(Alex Armstrong) #8

Terrific. After I cleaned up the random tags that had been added to a few categories, the tags overview page is now looking normal again.