Tag names too restricted

I was trying to move completely away from categories on my forum BUT I discovered tags were way too restrictive with regard to their names. No spaces, 20 characters maximum, completely frustrated my desire. I read somewhere that discourse was trying to move away from categories into tags. This is an idea I support.

I also support adding a twiter like #hashtag feature within posts to increase awesomeness.

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Kinda. We’re not moving away from categories, but we do recommend restricting the use of categories to situations where they are actually necessary. More information at It’s Time We Talked About Tags


Yeah, that’s the article.

Still, one way to make people use less categories is make tags more flexible.

You can set the max length for tags



Tags behave like category stubs, which can’t have spaces either.

The 20 character is there because otherwise the tag selector begins to look pretty ridiculous.

If legal libraries can build their whole taxonomies using those limitations the rest of us have no excuse.

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This is it…Solved!