Tagging on mobile isn’t working

When trying to add a tag, I find that the keyboard doesn’t pop up, and the drop-down is too wide for the screen so doesn’t show any tags:

iOS 11, Safari, iPhone X

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AFAIK tagging was disabled on mobile but didn’t check it was the case for this one (composer is certainly disabled).

Anyways, I will try to make it work on mobile. This one is not in the composer so I should be able to have something working.


Thanks @joffreyjaffeux - it’s very important to me that tagging works on mobile (it has been working for months/years until I updated the site yesterday)

should make it possible to edit tags when editing a topic. I will improve it more in the next days but it should at least fix your current issue.


That’s fixed mobile tagging for me, thanks @joffreyjaffeux!

Just one other thing - I think the keyboard used to pop up when tapping the tag entry field. This was useful because there are hundreds of tags on my site so searching is an inevitability.

Could the keyboard pop-up behaviour be restored please?

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yes that’s one of the things I want to improve.select-kit has been very defensive on auto focus at the beginning on mobile, but I think I can open it on few components safely now.


Should be fixed by: