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I noticed the other day that one of our users had mentioned he had tagged his post incorrectly. I attempted to modify the tag using my mobile (Android). I typed in the first few characters of the correct tag and it appeared in the suggestive search results, however, when I then tapped it, instead of it selecting it for the field, it took me to a new page which listed all of the other topics using that tag.

On the desktop version this behaviour doesn’t occur, using the mouse, I am able to select the tag having entered some of the first characters and it is then placed in the field, at this point I am then able to submit the post.

Any thoughts?

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The way this is typically done is by pressing enter, either on the real or virtual keyboards. So you’d type the first few characters then press enter.

Hi Jeff, thanks for the reply.

The tags in question are lengthy as they are being used to identify specific course lectures, linking into the forum from another site.

With regards to the suggestive search, what is the purpose of the enter key press Jeff? To say “search for matches similar to this” or “select what I have entered”? As after only the first few letters I cam still have multiple suggestive results which was why I would then selct one by press it woth my finger (felt intuitive).

Any furthwr help appreciated :slight_smile:

“select what I have entered” provided you have an actual match. You can also press to indicate which one you want, then enter, but may not be present on a mobile keyboard.

Note that the selected match definitely has a selection color:

Ok, think I understand. It’s going to make it almost impossible to do via mobile though due to the length of the tags in question. And yeah, no down arrow on my mobile. So that really kinda limits me to using a desktop instead of my mobile.

Any reason why the suggested results when tapped effectively produce a search for that tag? It doesn’t behave that way on the desktop, fully apprecoating they are different devices etc.

I came across the same problem using my SurfaceBook,

@jomaxro outlines some of the issues and related threads here

The whole touch screen issue gets really confusing, and it’s easy to forget what system I’m interacting with, often prodding non-touch enabled monitors, and struggling with the Sbook due to unfamiliarity with the different interactions available.

There was another thread on here discussing the difference between mouseclick and the touch input which I can’t find at the moment, but did seem to confirm that it’s not a trivial fix to cater for different inputs?


@neil can take a look next week on his Android to make sure we haven’t regressed there.


Thanks, awesome support as always, really appreciated.

Also to yourself @akaAlso, its just nice sometimes to know “its not just me” :slight_smile:

I fixed this bug today. The tags in the list were links with href attributes. On mobile (on chrome android at least) the browser was navigating to the href location.


Thank you so much @neil, really appreciated, and its great to know what was actually happening too :slight_smile: