Tags are wonky, a default set seems to have been assigned to each category

About two weeks ago, tags started acting a bit wonky for us.

For example, I want to tag a topic as “python”. I already have a python tag:

Here is what I see when I try to select the tag:

I know I have a python tag already and it normally jumps in there when I start typing but it doesn’t now. It looks like it does when you create a new tag

Looks promising:

But after I click the checkbox, the new tag shows up for just a nanosecond and then disappears, no tag:

There isn’t anything in the list of tags that can only be used in this category, although if I click in the field it again shows me just the wont-fix tag.

Just now I checked another category and found the following set of allowed tags. These are not a set of tags that anyone would have picked out for this category. I just deleted each one and clicked “Save Category” and when I come back in they are all back. The crazy thing is, it seems to let me delete one at a time, save and go back and it’s still gone, UNTIL I delete the last one, when I come back after that they have all returned.

I spot checked a few more categories and they all seem to have that weird set of tags. in fact I just checked Corner Bar again and it has them now too. :eyeglasses: If I hadn’t taken the screen shot at the top of this topic I would be questioning my sanity now.

Have you updated lately? There were a few fixes around tags in the past couple of days.

We’re hosted so I’m not sure where we are with updates.

If those tags match the top used tags in your community (you should be able to tell by looking at /tags or sort by count). Then that bug was fixed in the last couple of days and I’m sure one of the Discourse Team will be glad to upgrade you.

Unfortunately they don’t match:

@neil can follow up on this with you tomorrow. Lots of changes in this area recently.

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A follow up since I just deployed and you were missing @neil’s changes. Can you review this bug report in light of the changes that were made?

Things have changed a bit now.

Trying to add a tag to that topic gives this now:

I’m seeing this when I first check edit > tags:

Then when I click into the first input box I see the following different set of tags. These ones match up with our top 5 tag in terms of usage, that wont-fix tag is not like the others.

I don’t expect to find any restricted tags in any of our categories.

We seem to have random tags assigned to some categories – this wasn’t like this when I started this report.

You can restrict a tag to more than one category. For example, if you have two categories “Car Repair” and “Car Parts”, you could make it so a tag “transmission” can only be used in those two categories by adding them to the “Tags that can only be used” fields of both.

I looked through the first four sets and they all match your category settings. For example:

I’m okay with that, but I can’t imagine any human here would have added those tags to those category’s lists. :slight_smile:

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Oh you’re saying all those tag settings were not added by someone! Wow, this is all fallout from a commit labeled WIP that was putting top tags in category settings.

Should the tags be removed from all those categories’ settings? I can do that for you.


Yes please, remove them all from the category’s settings! :wink:

Done. Sorry for the wonky behaviour.


Everything is working perfectly now, thank you!

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