Tags become unusable if used once and then topic is deleted

I have successfully set up Tag Groups on my Discourse but in doing so ran into some weird issues which I mentioned here.

At the time I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but since playing with Tags and investigating I can successfully recreate the issue.

If you create a topic, add tags but then delete that topic before anyone else has used any of the tags, those tags become unusable site wide.

I can confirm this applies to any topic and any tag for any user.

This isn’t so much a problem if you lock down tag creation and create a topic in the Staff section to list your usable tags on, but it’s obviously a bug that will need fixing. The only solution I’ve found is to destroy those Tags using the Rails console. They then become selectable again.

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Actually, I’m seeing errors when destroying those Tags :fearful:

Could these be linked?

Sounds like a bug. I’ll look at it.

The redis errors don’t seem related to this topic though.


Is this still an issue today? We have refactored this area quite a lot over the years.

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