Tags display design on front page

We have added tags in both search and topic lists.

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I am leaning towards this design

I tried moving categories below, but it just became too loud. I think the glyph helps a lot cause it allows us to get rid of the bolding of tags and shares a visual language with categories.


anything is better than what we have now with tags randomly slapped on the end of titles.

Hi Sam, that’s cool, though the problem with only using the additional line for tags is that some topics won’t have any - so you get a layout that is not consistent.

I’m pushed for time right now and have literally spent 60 seconds on this:

There are a number of positives to this:

  • Always consistent whether thread has tags or not
  • Opens up the space that was previously used for the category for other cool stuff (icons or text to represent new threads, number of new posts (watched threads), whether you have posted in it, even a square block of the colour of the section might be worth looking at, plus loads more)
  • Discourages boredom when going down the list of threads

On the last point - we generally read web pages in blocks/columns (so you’ll go down the list of threads on the far left, rather than read every line from left to right) so having more information available in that column provides more opportunity for something to catch the eye of the reader to click on. It also makes it more interesting - so users are more likely to read more of it.

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I’m getting very worried about noise. I made an attempt at fitting tags in with categories. Even though I didn’t particularly like the end-result (this looks just as noisy to me as the alternatives), I’ll put it in here for reference.

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The sad truth of the matter is that tags are not really needed here, on this site.

However tags can be useful if you find yourself needing “thousands” of categories but again, not really the case here on meta.

I think Sam is right though, underneath title is the only way. Maybe if they were a little bit smaller.

Honestly the only powerful / useful tags on meta would be staff only tags.

Cause I would use them to tag urgent bugs and you could use them to tag release features.

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I really hate this tag glyph a lot. Like a lot, a lot. It is hideous.

I do too.

Is the display of tags really necessary? Candid question. I figure it’d be mostly used as a search tool or via other means (dropdown menu, etc.). I don’t know if I really need to know the tags associated to every thread in all the categories? Or maybe they should only be displayed within a category, re:

It’s an experiment will remove/change later

You can disable with one CSS rule,

However it would take thousands of carefully crafted CSS rules to recreate it if the backing store did not render tags in list

It is just on as an experiment here, really. Tags are not needed 95% of the time on this site since the category covers it.

I am fine with the non-bolding, I think that looks better, but that horrible rotated tag glyph has to go. The tag word alone should suffice for tags, they don’t get a glyph like categories do, because they are lesser, minor, optional groupings.

Some other glyph might work better for tags like a grey square outline, to echo categories, not sure.

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Sorry, I meant no disrespect on your work. And it actually makes sense :slight_smile: Cheers!

How about “tags: plugins, tagging”?

Yeah the tags glyph in font awesome is awkward I may try a small square or something like it

That would quickly become a repeated text “ago” discussion, and as Bruce Banner once said, "you wouldn’t like … to have that discussion with me". :wink:

The comma might be a nice touch though @sam between tags.

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You would see the word tags 30 times on the screen, we really dislike that level of repetition

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Nice way to limit the number of times the actual icon is repeated within the page then.

Can you only show the glyph at the beginning with a comma separated list behind it?

@erlend_sh, I don’t like it under categories because the space is limited, how do multiple tags appear?



I really like cause it echoes the category square nicely


Which is a blank canvas for everyone to style however gets lots in the title and is just floating there

@awesomerobot what is your favorite poison here?

10 virtual points go to the first person who suggests painting this red

This looks awesome!!