Tailoring feeds for users

I’m interested as to whether it’s possible in disourse to tailor what a user sees according to liked topics, tags or users (as you might in on twitter or facebook). I understand that members get notified about topics they watch, but can they do the same for tags (as a starting point)?

I’m thinking it may improve engagement with users if they can choose on sign up the tags they would like to engage with (like twitter) and then when they login they see a tailored feed. It would make it more personal for the user I’m thinking.

If anyone has any insight to share would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You can set notification preferences per category, if you desire. Visit the category and look at the upper right.


That’s helpful, thanks. You don’t seem to be able to do the same for the tags

Has anyone developed anything that allows for a user to choose tags their interested in and categories to tailor was they see? (not what they are notified about)

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