"Take Action" button doesn't really indicate what it does

After I used this button, another mod on the same forum asked how to hide individual posts. I pointed out where it was, but they still didn’t get it.

I wound up having to tell them to use the button that “weirdly enough, has a :+1: icon” to hide the individual post. It doesn’t say, anywhere, what this actually does.


Could this label be made a bit more informative, like having it say somewhere that it hides the post, or being marked with an icon more informative than the thumbs-up?


I agree. Those texts are descriptions for a dev/coder and admin how buttons are working, not for an user to tell what buttons do.

I don’t use that menu like ever, so I don’t know what Take action does… but if it just hides a post could it be something as Hide post?

Other two options don’t need anykind descriptions. Texts are there just making layout more uniform :wink:

But my bureaucratic side whispers that is not bug, but UX question.

You can change the text of that button for your site by editing the js.flagging.take_action and js.flagging.take_action_options.default.details fields in /admin/customize/site_texts/

Though we’re always open to making changes to descriptions if people think they could be more intuitive. :+1: If you land on a good one for your site could you share it here and we can see if it would work for everybody?

Is there a way to change the icon, too?

I believe it may be possible using a custom theme component: