Telegram Notifications Plugin (discourse-telegram-notifications)

(Sora &\) #63

Next question…
when i chat private with bot, i get notification from new topic But when i add bot to group telegram, group don’t get notification when a user create new topic. Can we setup notification that in our group?

(David Taylor) #64

I would not recommend using this plugin for telegram groups. For that, you should use the official discourse-chat-integration plugin: Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration)

(Ankit Mehra) #65

Thanks a lot for this and the other plugin
Update: Resetting the access token worked like a charm. It was possibly an error of an extra space in copying the token credentials.

  • I am also facing the no response from the bot (no chat ID). Anyone with a solution?
  • I got the chat ids form APIs as a temporary workaround. Messages on the forum are now delivered to the relevant users. However, the like functionality and the response functionality is still not working. Any suggestions?

(David Taylor) #66

Sorry for the delay in responding. Did you manage to solve this?

People above have had issues caused by unusual HTTPS certificates. Try testing your site here:

You could also try disabling, and reenabling the telegram notifications plugin. Check /logs for any errors after you do that.

(Sora &\) #67

Hello, @david
Can you build a feature that sync all chat each user in group telegram to Discourse topic and convert into comment?

(David Taylor) #68

Real-time chat and Discourse can co-exist well, but automatically putting every single chat message in Discourse is not the way to do that.

Technically, it could be done, so you could try #marketplace if you have a budget for the work.

(Keven Naphtali) #69

Is this plugin still working?
When I enter my Chat ID into the Telegram Notifications box, it says saved but then disappears.
I don’t get any notifications. :frowning:


(David Taylor) #70

@keven I just pushed an update that should fix the problem, can you try updating to the latest version?

(Keven Naphtali) #71

Awesome thanks. I’ll give it a go!

(Sora &\) #72

My error: Telegram notification Private message to Telegram group!

How do i fix it?
thank you!

(David Taylor) #73

As I’ve said before, this plugin is not intended for use in telegram groups

(Eduardo Braga) #74

is it possible also for whatsapp?

(David Taylor) #75

The problem is that WhatsApp does not provide an open API for us to use. It might be possible to implement on their business tier, but it looks like you have to jump through some approval hoops: WhatsApp Business API - Documentation - Facebook for Developers