Telegram Notifications Plugin (discourse-telegram-notifications)

The appearance can be controlled by going to your admin panel, “customise”, “text”, then search for “telegram_notifications”. You should see things like this which you can edit:

Very happy to update the defaults if anyone has some suggestions. Either via a PR, or just share your edited versions in this topic and I can update them in the repo :slight_smile:

Hi @david,
Thanks for this.
I also tried to customize the text on the Admin → Customize → Text page:


However, it isn’t working from there. It would be great if it was working.

Do you get an error?

No, I can’t find any logs. It seems like there’s no error. it’s simply not formatting. I took out the <pre>for all the text coming from the site. I did this by visiting /admin/customize/site_texts?q=discourse_telegram_notifications and editing the text fields.

It seems like I might have to do the old school way and hardcode it.

Is there any way you’re aware of to change the font?
Our forum activities are not in English and the default font that is sent in Telegram looks bad. I dont know if its on the plugin end or the Telegram end.

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Hey @david, I created a pull request:

Sounds great! Please can you share a screenshot of what the messages will look like in Telegram?

That was strange to me to find the Profile section.

Why not to move it to the notifications section?

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Hello! I receive multiple notifications on Telegram that are copies. One notification can be sent 2-5 times. In a standard user notifications interface, I see only 1 notification. Why may this situation happen?

Hey @david
I got the bot up and running and working great for some users.
However a user now tried to set it up but can’t get a ‘Chat ID’, and I can’t figure out the problem.
I’m trying to avoid deleting the bot altogether and redoing it, so other users won’t be affected…
Any help will be appreciated.
Here’s a screenshot by that user: