Template list takes 5-10 seconds to load

On our instance, loading the templates list is often quite slow (think 5-10) seconds, or even breaks after a long wait with a 502 error. We have a total of 15 templates, and other than this our Discourse performs fine. Any ideas?

Anyone? We’re in a bit of a pickle as Canned Replies is broken an this isn’t working for us either…

I’m at a bit of a loss for this, I’m afraid. We have a lot more than 15 templates and the template list loads just fine.

Is there anything special about any of your templates? Could you unlist them all and and relist them one by one to see if that reveals anything? (Unlisting should remove them from the active list)

Ah I think you’re on to something! Even accessing the category that holds my templates leads to very slow loads or crashes :grimacing: I’ve unlisted all topics and disabled the Templates plugin but the issue remains.

Hmmm. :thinking: Do you have any plugins that might be fighting over the ‘Template’ name in some way? Does the slow load on that category still persist in safe mode?

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Yeah I was just testing that - same issue in safe mode. I’ll try creating a new category and move some templates over, see if that fixes things.


That fixed it! Thanks for nudging me into the right direction :slight_smile:

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Do you feel to share what was broken? Just in case someone else will be struggling with similar issues.

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I didn’t spend time looking into it and just jettisoned the old category.

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I think we may have found the cause for this, for any future travellers. I think it should be fixed when this is merged: :partying_face: