Temporary suppression of topic contents

Hello Community. The Open Energy Modelling Initiative runs a discourse instance. We are just about to apply for a COST grant to improve our outreach and diversity. And we have two topics discussing our application. The COST grant rules require that we remove all public discussions from the internet while our application is being considered. So my question:

  • can we hide these two topics temporarily and reinstate them in a couple of months time — the topics themselves don’t necessarily need to be rendered invisible but all content must be disappear for the indicated duration

Any suggestions on how to manage this task would be most welcome. Thanks also to the coders for this really nice software. TIA, R.

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Sure, just create a restricted category that only certain groups can see, then recategorize those two topics into that category.

You can also use the built in, already set up “Staff” category for this purpose if you don’t wish to create a new category.