Hiding or muting specific topics (from a category)


Is it possible with Discourse to hide a whole topic from being displayed (in a category listing)?

For instance let’s say I join a discourse instance where people discuss merits of various pets. And someday someone creates a “Punk Ducks” topic. And I know I’ll never be interested in ducks, not to mention punk ducks. Never ever. Period. Is there a way to selectively say “this topic and all the replies, thank you but I don’t want to hear about it any more”?

You can mute a topic by clicking on the Topic Notifications Options button that appears at the bottom of a topic. When a topic is muted you will not receive notifications about the topic, and it will be hidden from the /latest listings for you.


The notification control also appears at the right hand side under the timeline, you do not need to scroll to bottom to utilize it.

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Thanks for the prompt reply :bowing_man:

At first I overlooked the button called “Normal”.

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