Tertiary color being overridden in Published Pages

Our forums aren’t “live” yet but I wanted to share a single post so I used the publish feature. However, when published, the links were black and undecorated so you couldn’t tell what was a link. I dug and dug but couldn’t find what was overriding the color. I also disabled all plugins and got the same result. Our light and dark themes are updated and I’ve updated everything that can be updated.

This is what I have as a temporary fix. Using var didn’t work so I had to hard code the color.

.published-page-content-body a {
    color: #0088cc;

Thanks for bringing this to our attention :raised_hands:

This has to do with CSS var()s not being properly imported for use in the published page. A fix will be in place shortly.


Is it fixed already?

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Yes there is a fix. Sorry for the lack of an update!


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