Test message works, but normal messages are never triggered

Greetings, dear friends - long time occasional lurker for troubleshooting issues - but this is my first post in these awesome forums!

I’ve setup the Discourse Chat Integration plugin on my Discourse instance to work for my Discord server.

I’ve setup the text channel on Discord, the webhook, and the channel for Discourse with the trigger rules for replicating messages to Discord.

When I click the “Test” button and select a Topic, it appears on Discord instantly.

However, when I post normally, messages are never sent to Discord…

I’ve tried all kinds of rules, even the most basic ones, and it’s just not working.

I came here because after much testing, I don’t know what to do next. I’m not sure what information you might need, so just ask and I will provide it.

Any and all help is appreciated.
Thank you.

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