Testing the Discourse mobile app and notifications from the Demo site

The notifications from the demo site only show within the Discourse mobile app and not in android notifications.
If I’m not currently using the discourse app then I’ll never know I have an alert, is this expected behavior of the hosted sites as well?

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Are we hosting your Discourse site or is this self hosted? If it is self hosted, well, you don’t get native notifications.

I believe he is referring to https://try.discourse.org so the question is, do mobile notifications from try.discourse.org – which we obviously host – work?

Will test this tomorrow. Maybe something changed internally.

I wonder if something didnt break in some firebase upgrade.

You’re correct, I was referring to your own hosted demo site(try.discourse.org)

Thank you heaps for reporting this, we isolated this as an issue with the new excon gem we are using. @eviltrout is working on a fix.


Turns out excon was adding a port to the Host header by default, which was tripping up haproxy. This commit should fix it. We’ll deploy shortly:



Just did a test post on try.discourse.org and I received the android notification alert on my phone, thanks.


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