Tests for plugin that requires a plugin

I see that the discourse-plugin-skeleton now has this:

      uses: discourse/.github/.github/workflows/discourse-plugin.yml@v1

so we don’t have to keep updating stuff. But I have a plugin that requires the subscriptions plugin, so I guess I still need to copy the stuff from discourse/discourse/.github/workflows into my plugin, right?

I don’t think there’s a clever way to have my plugin say to include subscriptions, right?

Also, it was failing to load stree. I just deleted the .stree.rc for now.


I finally figured this out. The answer is here. The solution is to create an about.json like this:

{ "tests": {
    "requiredPlugins": [

And now my tests pass once again! :tada:

I still don’t know about the stree thing.

Now that I’ve figured this out, I’m elated with how this works!


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