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Hiya All,

Not sure really how to explain this but it wasn’t happening earlier today so unless background updates have caused this on hosted Discourse forums or not I’m not sure but even here I see the same while logged out and logged in on meta where the date of last posts eg…Hours…or days etc has now become as i would like to call it “staggered” or “centralised” where instead of being “ident far right” it’s all over the place and not lined up tidily as it has been previously It may even be the spacing of the post numbers (See image below)

Any idea why this has happened or is it by new design.

There was a change that converted a link to a button, which messed up the mobile layout. A fix is in and will be included the next time you update your site.


Did you just implement this just now @awesomerobot as meta just fixed itself ?? as it’s no longer showing like my image :smile:

I suspect the forum I spotted it on is hosted so may auto roll out when a mod/leader signs in.

I don’t know much on the background settings yet I’m just a frontend user but I’ve looked at resources such as the try discourse site to learn how your minds work.

Thanks for the quick reply. :+1:

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@Falco I have a friend who works in Sao Paulo so that’s kinda kool too.

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It was fixed a few hours before you reported it, but it takes a little bit to get deployed. When a hosted site receives updates can vary, but it usually doesn’t take more than a few days.

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