The Chat Feedback topic

This is the new topic to house all the feedback about the chat plugin.

Chat is still mainly available here on Meta for those in the @chat-testers group, but feel free to request access if you want to check it out. :partying_face:

There is a chat channel attached to this topic to gather quick, ongoing feedback from people, and anything longer-lasting can be pulled out into its own #bug report or #feature request, etc (with a #chat tag attached to tie it all together :slight_smile:). If anyone is already comfortable with submitting #bug and #feature topics then feel free to skip reporting it in the Feedback channel, or you can use it alongside if you want to chat about the issue or explore it a little with others before writing it up. :+1:

There is also an optional extra Focused Sidebar theme component available to work alongside chat which you can enable from the hamburger menu:


If this is the first time you’ve heard about our upcoming Chat feature you can check out the topic below for more details - and you can find all the other chat-related topics by clicking on the #chat tag.

Happy Chatting! :slight_smile: