The confirm invite feature fix broke our flow

In response to this thread, now closed, we discovered that it broke our user onboarding (and we discovered it just hours before relaunching our site to thousands of users, yikes).

In the original request, @tkrunning asked that there be an optional way to turn off asking people to confirm their email. Our experience with this new change though, per a note from @techAPJ , is that the change is requiring a confirmation.

Our flow is that our board is private, and that users pay to join. We generate an invite link, give them access on the spot and send them the link as well. We’re using the invites plugin and API.

This isn’t working any longer, and our workaround is awkward and not yet built.

Is there any way to give the owner a chance to set a flag to ignore the change that was made?

PS I don’t want to use the word ‘urgent’ haphazardly, but today is launch day. Thank you @sam and this hard-working team for any insight you can offer. And happy new year. We’re definitely hitting the ground running today.

This was @gerhard’s change, perhaps he can elaborate on the details and any possible workaround.


Hi Seth,

The change @gerhard pushed had an intentional effect to not log in users who were invited via a link because we can’t be sure if their email address is same as that mentioned in query string.

I understand how this breaks the invite flow and is not intuitive for end users.

I think we can override the email confirmation via a site setting. I’ll look into the possibility and will try to implement the same ASAP.



thank you @techAPJ


I have locally confirmed a fix for this in discourse-invite-tokens plugin. Will push the fix in next hour and will try to get it deployed on your site before the end of my day today.


@techAPJ That’s wonderful news! Thank you.

When is the end of your day today?

PS - The site in question is:

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It’s 19:05 here in India. I’ll make sure the site gets deployed before 23:00 my time.


thanks for your care and alacrity. we’re grateful, @techAPJ !


Okay, I added a new plugin setting to skip email verification in:

I deployed the latest plugin on your site and disabled the setting invite tokens requires email confirmation so the invite flow will be same as before.

@alxpck can you please verify if this works as expected for you?


precisely as expected–phew

thanks for hustling!


Thank. You. So. Much. @techAPJ

Perfect. What a huge save!